Programming education

Python is the most widely applicable and beginner-friendly programming language. 

Why Python?

- Python is suitable for beginners due to availability of packages
- Python is widely applicable in data analytics, machine learning, web development, and task automation.

Zhang Tianyou

Programming Division President

Python Programming Courses

smart chatbot

Basic:Age 7-12
Intermediate:age 13-16
Advanced:age 17+

  • Design chatbot algorithm;
  • Implement basic functions of a commercial chatbot;
  • Chat data collection and chat analytics system design;
  • Guide students to design chatbot logic for daily life scenarios;
  • Train logical thinking and creative solution design skill.

Basic:Age 10-14
Intermediate:age 15-18
Advanced:age 19+

  • Explore the use of Google Colab and Jupyter Notebook;
  • Cover basic statistics knowledge and concepts;
  • Apply knowledge and techniques to real-life dataset analytics;
  • Produce data analytics report and visualize the insights;
  • Data theme examples: finance, healthcare, economics, etc. 
artificial intelligence, brain, think

machine learning & data modeling


  • Cover basic machine learning models and theories behind;
  • Concept examples: supervised and unsupervised learning models; re-sampling techniques; model boosting techniques, etc;
  • Requires prior experience in data analytics and basic programming skills.

How to ensure high quality?

Project-based learning takes a student-centric approach, aiming to guide students through the specifically customized learning path and help them build up the knowledge system step by step. As compared with the conventional education methodology, PBL emphasized on training student’s independent learning capabilities. Through putting pieces of information together and asking questions, students are encouraged to link the new knowledge to the existing knowledge base and extend the boundary of their understanding. Students can thus leverage on all their knowledge and solve problems systematically.

Based on our experience, students’ learning capability is positively but weakly correlated to their educational background. To maximize students’ learnings, all the courses are customized based on their pre-course aptitude test results.  The test aims to evaluate students’ knowledge base, learning capability, logical thinking skills, etc. The course will then be scoped and paced accordingly to optimize students’ learning experience.

Beyond customized course structure, the pace of course will be adjusted dynamically to let students fully understand the concepts. We believe that a solid understanding on the concepts is crucial to the success of the students in the long term. The teaching plan on the subsequent days and the final projects will also be adjusted accordingly for optimal learning experience. 

We believe that curiosity and interest will guide students in the long run. Besides plans to make the course suitable and flexible, a classroom engagement plan has been devised and implemented to further optimize student’s learning outcome.  As a result of all takeaway from past teaching experience, our education research team has designed the course details and teaching mode to help students concentrate on the course. So that their interest will guide them to explore and learn freely. 

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