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Our mission

YOFUN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. was founded and incorporated in Singapore, with a focus on youth AI education. The education research team is led by NUS professors and industry professionals. A project-oriented approach is adopted in all our course designs, which aim to inspire the younger generation to start learning AI early and apply AI in real-life problems. We believe that AI education should be accesible to all willing learners, regardless of their background. 

The effort of democratizing AI has also been recognized by many world leading technology companies, including Google Cloud, Intel, Hua Wei, IBM, NVIDIA, etc. With all the educational resources and industry resources available, Yofun is dedicated to serve learners globally and have successfully engaged educaiton partners globally. 

Our Core Team

To assure the quality of each service

Mornin Feng Mengling

Chief Education Consultant

  • Assistant professor at National University of Sigapore (NUS)
  • Affiliate Scientist, Harvard-MIT Health Science Technology Division, MIT
  • Senior Post-doc (2014), Harvard-MIT Health Science Technology Division, MIT

Professor’s NUS Homepage

Professor’s CV

Li Yingda

Chief executive officer

  • KPMG Technology Consultant
  • The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) Quantitative Researcher 
  • Johnson & Johnson Cloud Optimization Analyst
  • NUS Engineering & Economics Double Degree
  • NUS Science & Technology Full Scholarship

Zhang Qiyang

education Innovation consultant

  • Johns Hopkins Education PhD candidate 
  • University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Education Master degree 
  • NUS Engineering & Economics Double Degree
  • NUS Science & Technology Full Scholarship
  • Georgia Tech Exchange Program Singapore Delegation
  • University College London (UCL) Education Researcher Certificate 

Helen Zhao Chunmei

Greater-china market director

  • 15 years experience of educational institute management
  • 5 years experience of international education trip management
  • Director of Peking Foreign Studies University Youth English Training Center

Mario Ma Zhengtian

RObotics division president

  • NUS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Researcher
  • Singapore A*STAR Blockchain Researcher Intern
  • Asia UAV EXPO Technical Team Student Representative
  • NUS Electrical Engineering Honors Degree
  • Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) Full Scholarship

Wang Han

Competition division president

  • NUS Healthcare AI PhD Candidate
  • NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health Researcher
  • World Healthcare Forum Singapore Delegation
  • Nanyang Technology University (NTU) President Researcher Scholarship
  • NTU Full Scholarship

Lin Tie

Regional operations director

  • 12 years outbound travel agency experience 
  • 5 years regional tourism operation experience 
  • 3 years education trip operation experience