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Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI will transform in the next several years. 

– Andrew Ng 

(Source: Shana Lynch – Stanford Business Insight 2017)

吴恩达 教授


冯梦凌 教授

As the father of three children, I have exposed them to Artificial Intelligence since they were four years old as I think it is of crucial importance to their future success. 

– Mornin Feng 

Asst./Prof. at National University of Singapore (NUS); Affiliate Scientist at MIT




2019 Global Most Competitive Nation

The research covered 141 countries globally and evaluated 103 economic indicators to study the competitiveness of nations. Singapore has been ranked global top 1 in 2019 given its balanced development in various industries, including technology and finance.  


2019 Asia Top 1 Innovative Nation

The research covered 129 countries globally and evaluated 80 innovation-related indicators to study the innovation culture all over the world. Singapore was ranked Asia top 1 innovation hub, as a result of its well established education system. 


2019 Asia Top 1 – National Univeristy of Singapore

National University of Singapore is a comprehensive university ranked Asia top 1. The research considered the research capability, graduate post-university career development, employer evaluation, etc. QS is also the most recognized world education research institute. 


2019 Asia Top 1 Country with Highest Living Standard

Singapore’s “Smart Country Initiative” has transformed Singapore into a technology-based country and thus improved people’s living standard significantly. The research evaluated living and working environment, sustainability, etc. 


Why yofun?

World Leading Brand in Youth AI Education

Education research team is led by affiliate scientist from MIT and professors from NUS. The team’s responaibility includes course design and education methodology research. All courses are highly customized for students of various age groups, considering their knowledge background and learning capability. 

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All courses are conducted in collaboration with world leading universities. The over-achievers who demonstrate their learning capabilities well even have a chance to get a reference letter signed by the reputable professors. 

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Robotics Courses

Python Courses

End-to-end complementary services (e.g. accomodation, meals, transport, study trip, etc) are provided for seamless learning experience. All complementary services are modularized for better customized service fulfilling all different learners’ needs.  

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Yofun Singapore AI Education

2021 Program highlight

Robotics Course
Unmanned Lunar Rover

Through the project-oriented short course, students will learn a wide range of hard and soft skills, including graphical programming, robotics hardware assembly, mechanical and electronic theories, and most importantly, the critical thinking and problem solving capability.

NUS-MIT Healthcare AI EXPO & Datathon 2021

The EXPO and Datathon is jointly organized by NUS and MIT, aiming to expose university students and Junior College students to the forefront of AI technology and provide a platform for them to showcase their solution concepts and technical design skills.

Robotics Innovation Challenge (RIC 2021)

The RIC is a themed robotics competition jointly organized by 5 NUS entities, aiming to inspire the younger generation to start their AI learning journey early. Through a series of challenges, participants need to incorporate their creative solution concepts to robots and solve the problem.

work, typing, computer
Python Course
Themed Data Analytics

The course aims to equip students with basic data analytics skills and apply statistics knowledge to generate data insights. It trains students to analyse data systematically, go beyond the apparent trends and investigate the reasons behind.